How many SEHON clear led bulbs are sold per year?
We have recorded the sales volume of SEHON clear led bulbs each year to calculate the annual growth of product sales. The figure is delightful and is assumed to have a steady growth in the future regarding the market expansion strategy of our company. We never forget the customers from the domestic market who contribute to the sales increase. So we will consider to set up some discount policies to benefit these customers. For customers from overseas markets, we will also keep providing considerate services.

Sehon mainly runs the business of producing led spot lights including cob led light and cob led light. led string light produced by Hangzhou Sehon Technology Co., Ltd. is very popular in the market. Sehon led road lights is designed by designers who have abundant experience in creating shoe materials and shoes. The designers combine the philosophy of foot orthopedic with biomechanics to create a product that perfectly fits human's feet. It won't do harm to the environment. Sehon has gained more fame for its spectacular cob led light. It has been sold to over 60 countries, including Japan, Italy, France, Brazil, etc.

Remembering the mission of filament light bulbs is a must in Sehon. Ask!
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