How to place an order on christmas string lights ?
Please find ways on our official website. Hangzhou Sehon Technology Co., ready to serve all clients. You may send an email to detail the expected order. Email address is available on "Contact Us" page. Factory visit is welcomed. This is a way to get samples and place orders.

Sehon Light Bulb is very professional in manufacturing filament light bulbs, which is reliable among customers. led road lights produced by Sehon Light Bulb is very popular in the market. Sehon outdoor street light meets the newest national and hardware industries quality standards in regards to its production workmanship as well as specification requirements. Even if it is frequently switched, its service life won't be affected. With so many advantages, the product is thought to have broad market application. It has a long service life and can work for at least ten thousand hours.

Outdoor flood lights is our aim. Please contact us!
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